What Helps My Anxiety Post # 2: Watch What You’re Ingesting, Man

I know the struggle well: You got shite sleep the night before, so in an attempt to survive the day and not face-keyboard (like face-palm), you down all types of sugar and caffeine to make it through your day. The problem with that is it makes your anxiety worse, and then the next night you’re sleeping terribly again, the cycle continues, and you find another reason to hate yourself. Then maybe you add sleeping meds or medicines or even benzos (which help short term, but as I mentioned in other posts, can cause all sorts of issues when you come off of them. Some people have the self-control to pop a xanax maybe once every few months in extreme situations; I tend to take them often until I run out, so it’s better for me to abstain – you know yourself better than anyone).

So, please try to avoid caffeine as much as humanly possible. We know about it in coffees and teas and sodas, but watch for it in tricky places like chocolate and supplements (and certain herbs and medications which can be stimulating as well – always do your research).

Also, please try to avoid sugar/gluten (horrible, I know). Especially for us anxiety sufferers, sugar/gluten really spikes our blood sugar levels, which can feel fantastic. But then there is that drop, and then we crave more and more. Sugar does a lot of bad stuff to the body – tons of info on that on the internets. Once I stopped ingesting so much sugar, I became a lot calmer (and not as psychotic when I was hungry).

If you’re doing coke or meth or any kind of new-fangled drug the kids have thought up that I am now not aware of because I am old, obviously those can make anxiety worse too. I would highly advise getting off of them.

Another thing that really helped my anxiety was quitting smoking. Everyone (including smokers) knows how bad cigarettes are for you. Strangely enough, when smokers think about how bad smoking is, they tend to smoke more. Smoking made my heart race and I could tell how bad my circulation was, but I felt like it was ‘all I had left’ once I stopped all of the other addictive stuff. Quitting was fairly easy though, and the anxiety lessened, not just because the body stuff got better, but because I had less to worry about once I became a non-smoker (not worried about non-smokers judging me, etc.). Anyway, this applies to all forms of nicotine, not just cigarettes.

Quitting drinking alcohol helped me as well. After I drank, the next day I was full of anxiety and depression even if I didn’t drink much, because alcohol is a depressant and just depletes your brain of all those feel-good chemicals, which are already probably in short supply if you have any sort of ‘mental’ issues.

Like I said, you know your body more than anyone else. I noticed that if I went out to eat somewhere not so healthy, right afterwards my heart would be beating out of my chest for hours. I figured out it’s probably because of all of the excess (cheap) sodium.

So, that’s what’s helped me. What changes have helped you in terms of things you started/stopped ingesting?

UPDATE: Here’s a great article on things you can ingest that will help with anxiety/stress.

7 thoughts on “What Helps My Anxiety Post # 2: Watch What You’re Ingesting, Man

  1. Good post, Carolyn… very interesting. 🙂
    We’re all different, I suppose: for me, the idea of giving up anything completely is a very hard one (very well done to you, by the way!) but I’ve found that being strictly regimented has worked wonders for my mood: alcohol and sugar on two days a week only (haha, three if it’s special occasions!).
    Since then I’ve found I’ve ‘woken up’ in my daily life, when sluggishness was the norm beforehand.

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    1. That’s great!! Trust me, I’m no saint lol, I have ‘food slips’ from time to time. It’s also easier for me to stick to because I have health issues that are made worse when I do have those ‘slips’. I just make sure it’s worth it – If I’m gonna flare up over sugar, it’s gonna be a decadent high quality dessert and not cheap candy that doesn’t even taste all that great 😀
      And I still drink coffee daily. It’s just a small amount, with coconut milk and monk fruit, and no afternoon coffee (for the most part 😈)

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      1. Haha yes… I agree that if you’re going to slip, slip big(!) When I go for dinner with certain friends, there are certain ‘sacrelicious’ sweets they won’t let me avoid — yep, 😈 — the trick is to have none in the house. 😉
        Coffee is certainly good for starting the day, so I’ll admit I’m liberal with my intake… haha but I have that 1pm ‘cut off’ line.
        It’s really good to find the right balance of all these things… next thing is for us to stick to it [!]

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  2. Great post! Watching what I eat and learning all I can about food has helped me maybe more than anything else I have done. Glad it has helped you too! I was unsure when to start writing my own post about it.. Now I will! Along with what helps with headache and then the valentines day ‘special’ I was asked to attend.. o_o I am soon becoming unpaid healthcare person. Well, I really want to make a career in health, mainly nutrition but I will probably start with massage therapist qualification, then work my way up with nutrition and uhm.. ‘sports biology’? Not sure what the English term is. Basically studying all things affecting bodys performance. There we go, life plans shared! Now off to that morning walk before I get too hungry and eat breakfast first. Good day!

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    1. Post scriptum: I enjoy my blog a lot, I just need to calm down before I start writing all the time.. I tend to get carried away, one of my biggest weaknesses and also a strenght when used right.

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