Update after a month!

First of all, I REALLY admire people who blog daily, or even weekly. I really wish I could also, but my life has been so crazy busy lately I haven’t had the time. I can’t believe I haven’t written in almost a month!

So around the time of the last entry, my freaking wallet got stolen (no idea where, although they used my credit and debit card around 2 PM, so maybe it fell out of my purse at work or something). In any case, it was stressful, because I left my social security card in there as well. Had to re-order all of my cards and license and all of that. And this happened the day before my first interview at this financial/health company!

So that weekend I saw “Beauty and the Beast” with my mommy, which was wonderful! Highly recommend it.

I also attended a couple of yoga events in the past month. One is beach yoga on Fort Lauderdale Beach (https://www.facebook.com/FortLauderdaleBeachYoga/?pnref=story), and another was the Yoga Expo, also in Fort Lauderdale (http://theyogaexpo.org/)

Sadly, my gym membership ended, so I’ve been trying to attend as many yoga classes as I can, and when I can’t, I do yoga at home. I also take lots of walks, and do home workouts.

So I went back the following week for a second interview for that job, and it went really well. It was exactly the kind of job I wanted, which I will get more into when I write about Law of Attraction someday. It’s a very different way of thinking but I have so much evidence of it being true. Anyway.. they offered me the job! At the maximum amount of money they could give me! With a $4.15 raise, and unlimited overtime! The only issue? The background check takes 2 weeks, and they wanted me to start in 2 weeks. For the average person, this is not a big deal, but I have an (expunged) felony on my record, as well as I filed bankruptcy last year. And this place’s checks were legit. They called both of my references, wanted W2’s, and so on. I was afraid if I gave my notice, and the check took the full two weeks, I could be faced with having no job. I bit the bullet and gave 5 days notice on Monday, and killed myself creating “how-to’s” for everything I do because I felt guilty for giving such little notice. I’m so glad I did it though, because on Wednesday they contacted me and let me know all was well. So, I started today! It’s been quite the rollercoaster of emotions. I’ve been anxious, but also really excited!

Also, I’ve mentioned before having hidranitis suppurativa and a stubborn abscess that just WON’T GO AWAY, for 3 years. I’ve done some research on CBD oil and it’s effect on auto-immune disorders and how it brings imflammation down. So in the beginning of March, I started what I like to jokingly call “The Daily Abscess”. I’ve been taking pics of the abscess nearly every day. It usually follows a pattern: swells, becomes extremely painful, drains quite a bit (still painful but not as bad), maybe a few days of semi-normalcy, repeat. The damn thing is always draining, sometimes a small amount, but nearly always. I have to keep a bandage on it constantly.

I’ve tried to control my diet but that’s been stressful because I don’t know what diet to follow, not sure what’s “bad”, on and on. As of now I am just avoiding sugar and gluten as much as possible, and eating nightshades sparingly.

So I began taking the CBD oil in the beginning of April. (I ordered this one: https://rebelhealthtribe.com/get-cbd/ – they also provide health benefits and info). I will go into more deets in another post, but the short story is –  I think it’s working! I’ve never had the swelling go down so much and stay down consistently like this. I still wear my Daily Bandage, but when I remove it, no draining! So I’m extremely enthused about this as you can imagine.

My favorite ferret Wolverine is not doing too well – it looks like on top of having adrenal gland disease, he also has insulinoma. So I’ve been giving him the CBD oil and am going to start him on DBG soon. I’m also switching them over to even better food than what they’re eating now (spoiled brats).

carolyn n wolvy

My relationship is going really awesome too – at the end of the month we will be together for 1 year and are going away on a little weekend vacay to celebrate.

So my life is not perfect. I still stress about things that I shouldn’t. Life will always have stressful moments. But overall, it has never been so positive, and I suspect it will just keep getting better!

I REALLY need to be better about updating this thing, just… when?! Can you guys give me some tips???

6 thoughts on “Update after a month!

  1. It’s tough keeping things up to date with a blog. I try to make time during work to do it,however I have a lot of free time at work at times. Lol. Vood luck with everything. Also,I use to live in Deerfield and I sooooo miss the beach now 😭


    1. Yeah, considering I just started last week I probably shouldn’t start blogging at work. lol. At the last company I was so disenchanted I applied for jobs at work..lol

      Oh cool! I lived in Deerfield for years! That is the best beach. Where do you live now?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We have to have jobs that we are able to stand at minimum. Otherwise life is miserable.lol.I moved back to Memphis, TN. Although I do miss my brus room 😞 I’m originally from here. What part of the FL do you live?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh Tennessee, I hope to move to Nashville within the next couple years! Lucky. Love it there. Oh yeah, Brus Room is awesome. Used to go to Oceans 234 and JB’s quite a bit, Amanti’s..
        I live in Coconut Creek currently.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ahhh…I stayed all around there while I was living in Florida. Coral Springs, Margate, Deerfield and lastly Boca Raton. Lol. A new apartment every year. Nashville is awesome. Its still a growing major city so there’s a lot of opportunity there as well. I still have a lot of friends and a god son down there in your area though. I loved it there but I know how it feels when you want a change of scenery.

        Liked by 1 person

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