Online perfume companies review – Scentbird vs. Phlur

I had to have a few mini-surgeries yesterday for abscesses, so since I can’t really do much I am bored out of my mind. Which means I actually time to write in my blog, yipee!

SO! Has anyone noticed how awesome Facebook ads have gotten lately? No longer am I seeing completely irrelevant to my life content, but rather ads for things that I actually want, and in turn, actually buy (which I guess is the point, right?). Both of these companies lured me in via Facebook advertising, so I wanted to write some honest reviews. I absolutely love perfume!

Scentbird is a subscription based designer perfume program that allows you to try a 30-day supply of perfume for only $14.95 a month. There are about 450 different scents to choose from top designers such as Gucci, Tom Ford, and Dolce & Gabanna (NOT knock-offs). The really cool part is the price can be even lower if you do things like sign up for a longer subscription, or agree to use your PayPal account to pay for it. If you write a review on the perfume you’ve received, you also get $20 off a large bottle. You can take quizzes which match you to fragrances you might like, or you can filter by Top-Selling, New, or by fragrance categories like “Citrus” or “Sexy”, or you can search for a perfume brand/name you know you like. You can read the advertiser’s description of the perfume, read other real people’s reviews, and create a monthly “queue” that you can switch around at any time (you just need to be sure to have your next month’s fragrance selected by the 5th of each month).


Scentbird home screen

I think this idea is genius. You  get to try different perfumes monthly at a very low cost. It’s trendy, yet also practical.

The fragrance comes in a cute velvet bag and case. The perfume easily slips into the case, and when it’s time to use use it, you just twist it to open it and spray it (like a lipstick with no top on it). The first scent I’ve received was Burberry Brit Sheer which I LOVE, but my only issue with it is it isn’t very strong. I actually tend to re-apply it, so even though I’ve had it for 2 weeks, it’s over halfway gone. 😦 Here is my current queue:

  • September – Dolce & Gabbana Dolce
  • October – Prada Candy
  • November – Lalique Amethyst Eclat
  • December – Tom Ford Black Orchid
  • January – Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume

As you can tell, I’m REALLY into this company. If you’d like to try it for yourself, you get a free bottle! Just use my code:

Now, on to Phlur. They are a company that creates balances fragrances to appeal to a variety of different preferences. They offer the chance to get sample sizes of each perfume, helping you to determine if it’s the right one for you. So it’s not a monthly subscription like Scentbird. You get to try 3 sample fragrances for $20, then you can use that $20 towards a new bottle (which are around $85 before the $20 off). Their website is really pretty, full of model-esque people, interesting descriptions of the fragrances, and even playlists for each fragrance.

Phlur Moab

What attracted me to trying them was that they are cruelty-free, and free of skin allergens, parabens, phthalates, unnecessary stabilizers and animal products, and made in the U.S.A. As y’all know, I’m all about using natural products as much as possible.

So my issue with Phlur? Honestly, the scents just weren’t that great-smelling to me. I got:

  • Moab – smelled like sweet bugspray
  • Hepcat – the worst, smelled like old leather
  • Hanami – kind of fresh, but still not great

Customer service sent me an e-mail and asked me how I was enjoying the fragrances, and I was honest and told them I wasn’t. They asked me for names of perfumes I did like which I gave to them, so they shipped me another trial perfume they thought I’d like better. This one was:

  • Siano – definitely the best out of the bunch, but not something I would purchase. Like baby powder mixed with bugspray

I really wanted to like Phlur, but I just don’t. I guess in order to make non-toxic fragrance you have to sacrifice scent – which is the whole point of the perfume. So no referral codes on this one, because I just can’t recommend it.

Obviously Scentbird is the clear winner here, and I will probably keep subscribing to their monthly service unless I find a fragrance I absolutely can’t live without.

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